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Posted by: Pastor J Jacobs on Sun, Mar 17, 2019

Robert Walker
Acts 5:12-16

Now we are going to discover some principles in the early church pattern of evangelism. The church is growing at a fantastic rate in the matter of days and weeks it is in the thousands.

And all of this because of fantastic vital type of evangelism. It was the church reaching the world and it wasn't easy being a Christian.

It wasn't just jump on the band wagon type of thing either. The price was extremely high. And the demands were extreme.

And dedication was essential on a total bases. But many people were counting the cost and believing and coming to the Lord Jesus Christ even at a high price.

The Holy Spirit in the book of Acts never apologizes for the growth for it was real growth. Those people wanted to win people for Jesus Christ and they did it in the power of the Holy Spirit.

The tragedy of tragedies would to be satisfied with our growth and here is a great danger in our church we cannot be content just to come and feast on the Word of God and sort of get excited about the truth that we are learning. What you are learning ought to make you more effective in winning others.

Evangelism is our mission. In Acts 4:29 we can see that they were committed to reach the world. They are opposing us they are threating us but it gives us more boldness. Read it.

So they were committed to evangelism but notice in verse 32 they all spoke. A great minister once said I have tackled the greatest job of my life. I am trying to open the mouths of those that are in the pews. That’s a job sometimes.

Not there they all spoke because they all were filled with the spirit and it was a natural response to that. But not only were they committed to that but they were committed to each other. Read verses 32-37.

It says there was a unity there. A collective kind of oneness and so their evangelism was based on the two things that evangelism must be based on. It was based on individuals speaking the word.

And it was based on a collective unity that Jesus talked about in John 17-- where he said if they are one the world will know that you sent me or in John 13 where he said if they love one another the world will know that they are my disciples.

So real evangelism is based on individual communication and on collective unity as a testimony. And they had it and evangelism was a natural.

And just at that point Satan attacked and tragedy hit and that we see when we open chapter five and the great sin that threatens to be a indictment of the church. The sin of Annanias and Sapphira who lied to the Holy Spirit is an effort to gain religious prestige and to be thought of as spiritual.

They did things that were extremely carnal and God had to disciple them and he did it in front of the whole church and he did it be execution. They drop dead on the spot and God pointed out the severity of sin in the fellowship of the Church


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